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All eyes on the phone - a sadhu baba and puppy moment, OrchhaPortrait of a Rawan Hatha Musician, Bikaner, RajasthanAt the local vegetable market of Bikaner, RajasthanThe people who still live in these beautiful havelis of Bikaner, RajasthanAn elderly Buddhist local woman attending the Hemis Monastery Festival of LadakhSmart looking monk from Hemis Monastery, LadakhYoung Monk looks skywards during Hemis Monastery Festival, LadakhChemrey Monastery, Mustard Fields and the Himalayas of Ladakh, IndiaThe Holy Buddhist scriptures in front of a monk at Shey Palace, LadakhSloth bear roams the jungles of Tadoba Tiger Reserve, IndiaA Tadoba wildlife jeep safari leopard road crossing experienceThe spotted leopard look, Tadoba Tiger Reserve, IndiaA stunning looking male spotted leopard from Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, IndiaA healthy male spotted leopard has just spotted its prey at Tadoba Tiger Reserve, IndiaThe king of Tadoba Tiger Reserve, IndiaThe arrogant and mean stride of a big male tiger from Tadoba Tiger Reserve, IndiaThe beautiful face of a Royal Bengal Tiger at Tadoba Tiger Reserve, IndiaInjured Matkasur Male Tiger relaxes by the 97 waterhole at Tadoba Tiger Reserve, IndiaAlpha male and female wild dogs from Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra, IndiaThe mighty strong canines of a Tadoba wild dog, India

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