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Travel photographs from the heritage village of Raghurajpur that gave the world amazing miniature art like the Patta Chitra, Tado Patra and other exquisite creations.
The small village of Raghurajpur, OdishaRaghurajpur hand paintings go on to a custom silk sareeInside the home of a Raghurajpur ChitrakaarThe stories of Lord Ganesha depicted through the Patta Chitra miniature art of RaghurajpurSaura Tribal Art portrayed on glass bottles at Raghurajpur, OdishaKrishna and his Gopikas Patta Chitra created by the chitrakaars of Raghurajpur, OdishaThe original side view Patta Chitra of Raghurajpur that depict the avatars of  Lord VishnuA Raghurajpur artisan showing me his various paintingsRaghurajpur Chitrakaars decorate even their homes with their paintingsA moment from the Bhagvad Gita portrayed on the walls of a Raghurajpur home in OdishaRaghurajpur artisan showing his father's famous Patta Chitra paintingTusser Silk Paintings of Krishna and his gopikas at Raghurajpur, OdishaRaghurajpur Pattachitra in different forms, colors and depicting different storiesBeautiful Raghurajpur Pattachitra of Krishna and his gopikas in an elephant and horse formRaghurajpur artisan showing all the Patta Chitra paintings from his trunk boxTusser silk miniature art magic from Raghurajpur, OdishaLovely paintings of Ganesha created in Tusser Silk by the Artisans of RaghurajpurExquisite miniature art of Goddess Durga created at Raghurajpur, OdishaIntricate paintings on every home wall at Raghurajpur village, OdishaA Raghurajpur family, their home and their paintings

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