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Young bonnet macaque monkey enjoying his corn cob at Gaganachukki Falls, Karnataka, IndiaThe young bonnet macaque and his corn cob, Shivanasamudra, KarnatakaThe macaque family of Virupaksha Temple, HampiCuddling and sleeping together - the bonnet macaques of Virupaksha Temple, HampiBeautiful otters come out to play at Kabini Tiger Reserve, Karnataka, IndiaAn alpha male white dog from Tadoba Tiger Reserve, IndiaA pack of wild dogs on the jeep track inside Tadoba Tiger Reserve, IndiaPack of wild dogs ready to go on the hunt at TadobaA Tadoba wildlife jeep safari leopard road crossing experienceThe spotted leopard look, Tadoba Tiger Reserve, IndiaA Tadoba spotted leopard crossing a jeep trackA Tadoba spotted leopard stalking its preyA beautiful male leopard from Tadoba Tiger Reserve, IndiaThe king of Tadoba Tiger Reserve, IndiaThe arrogant and mean stride of a big male tiger from Tadoba Tiger Reserve, IndiaCheck out the size of the paws of this Matkasur Male tiger from Tadoba Tiger ReserveThe beautiful face of a Royal Bengal Tiger at Tadoba Tiger Reserve, IndiaInjured Matkasur Male Tiger relaxes by the 97 waterhole at Tadoba Tiger Reserve, IndiaAlpha male and female wild dogs from Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra, IndiaBig Healthy Matkasur Male Tiger of Tadoba

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