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Travel photographs from the spectacular mountain village of Abyaneh in Central Iran that is known for its Zoroastrian culture and roots.
Rice fields, fruit orchards and snow capped mountains of AbyanehA serene Abyaneh viewWalking through the brick lanes of Abyaneh, IranElderly Woman from Abyaneh, IranStreet Photo - Elderly Abyaneh Lady in her colourful clothingLocal women ambling through the streets of Abyaneh, IranSunset over the Abyaneh valley, IranInside the humble yet warm house of a Abyaneh familyClose Portrait of Abyaneh WomanBeautiful AbyanehSpectacular mountain village of Abyaneh, IranA well spoken Abyaneh gentlemanPotrait of a elderly gentleman from Abyaneh, IranMale and Female Door Knockers on a door in Abyaneh, IranColorful attire of Abyaneh WomenPortrait of Abyaneh WomanAbyaneh mountain town view

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