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Favorite travel photos from BE ON THE ROAD - Travel and Photography
Lord Natarajar on Goratham takes to the streets of Kallidaikurichi on Thiruvatharai FestivalPicturesque hill station of Manjolai in Tamil NaduRolling green mountains of ManjolaiKakkachi - the highest point in Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger ReserveTea estates, tropical forests and dense mist - All on the forest road between Oothu and KudrevettyKaraiyar, Servalar and Manimuthar Dam views seen from Kudrevetty watch towerScenic route between Oothu and Kudrevetty, KMTRTotally untouched and pristine forest waterfall between Oothu and KudrevettyThe picturesque hamlet of Oothu in Tamil NaduNalmukku tea estate and the tea ladiesBeautiful nature at Irumbu Palam enroute to Nalmukku, Tamil NaduGorgeous ferns on the Kakkachi to Nalmukku routeFoggy Tea Estates of Manjolai, Tamil NaduMist covered Manjolai tea estates during the monsoonDense forests of Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve near Manjolai hill stationManimuthar Falls during the monsoonsManimuthar Falls, the lush green forest and the cloudy monsoon weatherPhotographing the gorgeous Manimuthar Falls, Tamil NaduPalaruvi Falls - a fabulous place for a herbal bath amidst pristine natureFirst Look of the gorgeous Palaruvi Falls

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