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Travel photographs from Amman, the capital of Jordan.
Jordan's largest refugee camp as seen from the citadelThe entrance to the citadel area that houses ruin from the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and many other erasRoman Amphitheater and Amman holly view as seen from the citadelThe hand of Hercules at Amman Citadel, JordanRuins of Ummayad Palace at the Amman Citadel, JordanMajestic Roman ruins of the Temple of Hercules looks over the city of Amman in JordanInside a souvenir shop, Amman, JordanDazzling Jordanian gifts from Amman, JordanColorful Nargile or Sheesha or Hookah in a local market store, Amman, JordanThe rich concoction of colors that go into a Jordan sand art souvenir at Amman, JordanMagical creation of a sand art souvenir from JordanThe Amman sand artist and his creationA local fruit and vegetable market in Amman, JordanHerbs and spices on display at the local market of Amman, JordanMannequin decked up in local attire at local market of Amman, JordanEntrance to the Royal Automobile Museum, Amman, Jordan

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