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Nov 1-10, 2007 Anshu and Sankara left home with the intention of trekking 10 days in the Western Ghats while carrying our tent, sleeping bags and ration for those 10 days. Ended up trekking 320 kms in 10 days. We trekked through the highest peaks in Karnataka, through coffee estates, through dense forests, through leech infested territories, lashing winds (upto 70 kms/hour), tons of greenery and a pristine beach. The Route was Chickmangalur->Mulayangiri Hills->Baba Budangiri Hills (a wind tunnel known for its super high winds esp in the night)->Kemmengundi Hill Station->Hebbe Falls->Kalahatti Falls->Kollur->Kodachadri Hills->Maravanthe Beach->Kundapur. At the end of this trip both of us lost 7-8 kgs inspite of sharing 100 slices of cheese and tons of other fatty food between us.

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