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Travel photographs from Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world.
Lion guarding the Borobudur gate, IndonesiaCarvings on the stones that make up Borobudur, IndonesiaStories depicted on Borobudur wallsThe mighty Borobudur Temple of IndonesiaThe domes of Borobudur, Java, IndonesiaThe batik sarongs that everyone has to wear while visiting Borobudur TempleView from Borobudur's East entranceBright day at Borobudur Temple, IndonesiaSchool kids on a Borobudur Excursion, IndonesiaIndonesian kids pose for me at Borobudur Temple, IndonesiaThe many bell shaped stupas of Borobudur Temple, Java, IndonesiaBorobudur Temple - the largest Buddhist temple in the worldBorobudur Temple, Yogyakarta, IndonesiaThe wonder called Borobudur temple in IndonesiaThe massive Borobudur Temple in IndonesiaBatik Sarongs everywhere at Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

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