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Travel photographs from the UNESCO world heritage site and the ruins of Vijayanagara empire of Hampi.
Local Moment from Hospet railway stationVirupaksha Temple and the rocks of Hampi, KarnatakaHemakuta hill temples, Hampi, Karnataka, IndiaVirupaksha temple main entrance gopuram, HampiVirupaksha Temple complex and the Hampi landscapeThe boulders that give Hampi its characterErotica on the gopuram of Virupaksha Temple, Hampi, IndiaCuddling and sleeping together - the bonnet macaques of Virupaksha Temple, HampiThe macaque family of Virupaksha Temple, HampiLocal artist from Hampi and his ensembleColorfully decked magicians from the streets of Hampi, KarnatakaMagician from Hampi, Karnataka, IndiaPortrait of Tribal woman at Hampi, Karnataka, IndiaTribal woman and her trinket shop on the streets of Hampi, Karnataka, IndiaUgra Narasimha monolith from Hampi, Karnataka, IndiaLotus Mahal, Hampi, IndiaSmiling school kids on a picnic to the heritage site of Hampi, Karnataka, IndiaSchool kids at Hampi, Karnataka, IndiaGoli soda - perfect way to beat the heat in HampiCarvings on the walls of Hazara-e-Rama temple, Hampi, Karnataka, India

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