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Travel Photographs from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.
Beautiful work on the pillars inside Jaisalmer FortExquisite Jharoka work inside Jaisalmer Fort PalaceGrand work inside the palace of Jaisalmer FortRoyal windows at Sona Qila Palace, JaisalmerElderly Rajasthani Gentleman and the Jaisalmer viewJaisalmer view from on top of the fortSonal Qila and Jaisalmer cityJain temples as seen from the top of Jaisalmer FortJaisalmer flagThe city view that the queen used to see from the palace in Jaisalmer FortA souvenir section inside Jaisalmer FortA Rawan Hatha Street Musician from JaisalmerA Rawan Hatha musician at the entrance of Gadisar Lake, JaisalmerGadisar Lake - great place to spend your evening at JaisalmerDressing room inside Patwon ki Haveli, JaisalmerAn intricately carved door at Patwon ki Haveli, JaisalmerLiving Room inside Patwon ki HaveliJaisalmer fort as seen from the top of Patwon ki HaveliLocal handicrafts on sale outside Patwon ki Haveli, JaisalmerThe Marwari horse

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