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Travel photographs from the city of Kashan that is known for its exquisite traditional houses that are full of rich Persian architecture and of a desert environment.
Beautiful Agah Bozorg Mosque of Kashan, IranAn inside view of the Agah Bozorg Mosque of Kashan, IranA back side view of the Agah Bozorg Mosque, Kashan, IranNarrow lanes of Kashan's historic districtA Kashan special view - Agah Bozorg view in the backgroundIranian Local enjoys a cup of tea during the renovation of Abbasian House, Kashan, IranIntricate wall design upto the roof at Abbasian House, Kashan, IranColorful glasswork inside Abbasian House, Kashan, IranThe amazing insides of the Abbasian House, Kashan, IranThe beautiful Abbasian house of Kashan, IranStanding on top of Kashan's Abbasi HouseTraditional Persian Dining Setup inside a traditional house of KashanWalking through the Tabatabaei house of Kashan - a fine example of traditional Persian architectureIntricate work on the exterior walls of the Tabatabaei house of Kashan, IranColorful glasswork on the doors of Tabatabei house of Kashan, IranIranian playing traditional musical instrument at Tabatabei house, Kashan, IranColorful interiors inside the hamam of one of Kashan's traditional housesGlorious interiors of a hammam in KashanEyecatching aerial view of Kashan's rooftops with domes and wind towersBorujerdis House courtyard - one of the finest traditional Persian houses of Kashan

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