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Travel photographs from the world's most acidic lake.
Inside a Warung at Banyuwangi, IndonesiaKawah Rawu as visible from the trek to Kawah IjenAlit and his fellow sulphur miner at Kawah Ijen, IndonesiaAlit and his 85 kilogram sulphur load - Kawah Ijen, IndonesiaTourists enjoying the Kawah Ijen viewKawah Ijen - the world's most acidic lakeKawah Ijen - the lake of molten sulphurCloud of Sulphur surrounds Kawah Ijen, IndonesiaThe Sulphur that defines the life of the miner at Kawah IjenThe arduous journey of the Kawah Ijen sulphur minerThese sulphur miners carry more sulphur than their body weightSulphur Miners at work at Kawah Ijen, IndonesiaA day in the life of a Kawah Ijen Sulphur MinerA Kawah Ijen Sulphur Miner with traditional headgearThese sulphur miners always smile in spite of their hellish lifeCarrying a heavy sulphur load in hellish conditions at Kawah Ijen, IndonesiaThe steep and narrow climb with the sulphur load from the Ijen Crater, IndonesiaA sulphur miner and his wages for this one load

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