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Travel photographs from the gorgeous Sun Temple of Konark.
The lion, elephant, human statue at the entrance of Sun temple, Konark, OdishaEntrance to the majestic Sun temple of Konark, OdishaThe apsaras of Konark Sun Temple, OdishaOne of the 24 wheels of the Sun temple chariot at Konark, OdishaKamasutra, Physics, Dance forms, Gods, Dun Dials and Incredible Architecture all rolled into one at the Konark Sun TempleDifferent Positions from Kamasutra on the Konark Sun Temple CHariot WheelsIs India a sexually frustrated country - these sculptures from Konark Sun Temple portray another storyStatue of Sun God that has withstood the test of time at Konark Sun Temple, OdishaWalking along the Chaya Devi sanctuary of Sun temple, Konark, OdishaWalls of Konark Sun temple studded with rich sculpturesScuptures depicting rich stories even at the floor level of the Konark Sun TempleKonark Sun Temple chariot wheel and Erotica SculpturesKonark Sun Temple - a sign of a sexually liberal India that created KamasutraErotica portrayed on the walls of the Sun Temple, Konark, IndiaA cosmic walk among the chariots and the rich architecture of the Sun Temple at Konark, OdishaOne of the many walls of Erotica at Konark Sun Temple, OdishaThe wall of dancers located right in front of the main Konark Sun TempleA Young dancer prancing through the apsara walls of Konark Sun TempleA beauitful Sun temple moment from Konark, OdishaLotus Resort - lovely coastal property near Konark, Odisha

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