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Travel photographs from Muscat, Oman.
Naser - Stylish Omani ManAt the entrance of Barr Al Jissah Resort, MuscatNaser, an Omani man at Muscat, OmanA Typical Muscat LandscapeBeautiful windows at Mattrah Souk, Muscat, OmanTraditional souvenirs for sale at Mattrah Souk, Muscat, OmanThe beautiful Corniche area of MuscatEvening near Mutrah Souk, Muscat, OmanTraditional Clothes and Headgear on sale at Mutrah Souk, Muscat, OmanLot of Omani Souvenirs on display at Mutrah Souk, Muscat, OmanA small lane inside Matrah Souk, Muscat, OmanA Frankincense shop inside Mutrah Souk, Muscat, OmanOld Omani Building Entrance inside Matrah Souk, Muscat, OmanGlass and wooden work inside the female prayer room of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, MuscatArabic ClockAn Omani in traditional dress and head gearFront View of the main chamber of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Muscat, OmanBeautiful Chandelier inside Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque of Muscat, OmanColoured patters on the inside walls of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque domeBismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim

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