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Travel photographs from Nalumukku, one of the wettest places in India during the North East monsoon. It is located inside the Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve in South Tamil Nadu.
Dense forest at Nalmukku, Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger ReserveDense jungle at Nalmukku, Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger ReserveRoad connecting Kakkachi to Nalmukku, KMTRBeautiful ferns growing at Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger ReserveThriving ecosystem at Nalmukku, KMTRGorgeous ferns on the Kakkachi to Nalmukku routeElephant bamboo zone near Iron bridge, KMTRPristine nature at the Iron bridge enroute to Nalmukku from OothuThe iconic Iron Bridge of Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger ReserveBeautiful nature at Irumbu Palam enroute to Nalmukku, Tamil NaduSpectacular panorama at Iron Bridge, KMTRThe Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation at Nalmukku, KMTRThe Gorgeous Iron Bridge of Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger ReserveNalmukku tea estate and the tea ladiesNalmukku post office, KMTRThe Nalumukku dog portrait

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