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Travel photos from Nizwa, Oman.
Beautiful Jabreen Castle near Nizwa, OmanOld Arabic Script inside Jabreen Castle, OmanPot on the roof of Jabrin Castle, OmanLots of date palms as seen from the top of Jabrin castle, OmanFrom the top of Jabrin Castle, OmanWatch tower at one corner of Jabreen Castle, OmanOmani Gentleman at Jabreen Castle, near Nizwa, OmanOmani Man from Nizwa, OmanElderly Omani Man at the entrance of Jabreen Castle, OmanElderly Omani Man at Jabreen Castle, OmanSpices on sale at Nizwa Souk Spice Market, OmanSpices on display at a shop in Nizwa Souk, OmanMan from Nizwa selling Khallas and Fard dates at Nizwa Date SoukOmani men at Nizwa who wanted to get photographedA moment at Nizwa Souk, OmanCrafts on display at Nizwa Souk, Nizwa, OmanFridge Magnets on display at Nizwa Souk, OmanTradtional Omani Khanjars for sale at Nizwa Souk, OmanThe insides of a Nizwa Souk Crafts shopLarge and Beautiful Mandoos for sale at Nizwa Souk, Oman

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