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Travel photos from Paro in Western Bhutan
Tachogang - Temple of the Iron Horse near Paro, BhutanThe suspension bridge that leads to Tachogang temple outside Paro, BhutanSuspension bridge that leads to TachogangParo Museum, BhutanA Cattle Herdsman at Paro, BhutanThe beautiful Paro DzongThe Wheel of Life inside Paro Dzong, BhutanBuddhism's circle of lifeParo valley as seen from Paro museumMeandering river in Paro valley, BhutanBuddhist Monk in front of temple inside Paro DzongCantilever bridge of Paro, BhutanKids returning from school in Paro, BhutanAerial View of Paro Town, BhutanDry Rice Fields of Paro, BhutanColourful traditional windows of Paro Museum, BhutanThe famous Taksang Monastery of BhutanTiger's Nest - the famous temple of BhutanTaktsang Monastery or Tiger's Nest, near Paro in BhutanStylish Bhutanese Man at the start of Taktsang Monastery Trek

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