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These travel photos are from a visit to a traditional Pattamadai pattu pai (silk mat) weaving center, local shops and centers where mats are woven through power looms. All these places are in the village of Pattamadai in the Tirunelveli district of South Tamil Nadu in India.
Elderly woman making silk mat by traditional hand machine at PattamadaiInside the workshop of a pattamadai mat weaving centerThe natural colouring ingredients  for the traditional Pattamadai PaiThe famous korai grass from the banks of the Thamirabharani river that goes into making the Pattamadai paiModern power looms that make cheaper pattamadai paiThe modern pattamadai pai making power loomA traditional Pattamadai pattu pai weaving in actionAn elderly woman weaving the traditional Pattamadai pattu paiA beautiful design of a 52 count pattu pai (silk mat) from PattamadaiInside a Pattamadai pai shop and looking at the matsA stunning 100 count pattu pai (silk mat) from Pattamadai, Tamil NaduMats of all shapes and sizes at PattamadaiMats of all colurs, designs and types at PattamadaiGift items and daily use items made from Pattamadai paiDaily use items made from Pattamadai paiInside a pattamadai pai weaving centerWomen giving the finishing touches to the Pattamadai pai

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