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Travel photographs from the iconic Persian ruins from the city of Persepolis that was home to great kings like Cyrus the great and Darius the great before it was demolished by Alexander the Great. The heart of Zoroastrianism and the heart of the Persian empire at its peak.
Gate of Nations, Persepolis, IranArchaemenid Griffin at Persepolis, IranStunning Bas-reliefs from the Persian empire of PersepolisDarius the Great, his followers and his soldiersA Persepolis classic moment as you see itPersepolis bas-relief - bull fighting lionPersepolis Frieze depicting Persian immortalsPersian empire reliefs at Persepolis, IranSymbol of Zoroastrianism and the Persian Empire at Persepolis, Iranwinged human faced lion guardian at persepolis, IranPersepolis landscape with the tomb of Darius the great in the background

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