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Travel photographs from the 5th to 12th century Buddhist ruins at Ratnagiri, Odisha.
A local man stops to watch the tourists at Ratnagiri, OdishaA Odisha countryside priest portrait shotMaze of votive stupas at Ratnagiri, OdishaEntering the Pushpagiri university at Ratnagiri, OdishaOrnate gated entrance to Rantagiri Buddhist monastery and school, OdishaWell preserved Statue at Ratnagiri Buddhist monastery ruins, OdishaThe beautiful and large Buddha statue at Ratnagiri ruins, OdishaAdmiring the statue of 6th century Buddha statue at Ratnagiri, OdishaIntricate lattice work recovered from the ruins of Ratnagiri, OdishaIntricate jewelry seen on the statues found at Ratnagiri, OdishaAmbling through the ruins of Ratnagiri, OdishaSculpture on the walls of Ratnagiri vihara, Odisha

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