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14 friends leave early one Sunday morning in two cars and a bike to visit the Gaganachukki and Barachukki Falls at Shivanasamudram and the temple ruins of the ancient city of Talakad. We drove/rode a total of 315 kms on this day.
Deepak at TalakadShivanasamudra Road Trip0001Shivanasamudra Road Trip0002Shivanasamudra Road Trip0003Shivanasamudra Road Trip0004Shivanasamudra Road Trip0005Shivanasamudra Road Trip0006Shivanasamudra Road Trip0007Shivanasamudra Road Trip0008Shivanasamudra Road Trip0009Shivanasamudra Road Trip0010Shivanasamudra Road Trip0011Shivanasamudra Road Trip0012Shivanasamudra Road Trip0013Shivanasamudra Road Trip0014Shivanasamudra Road Trip0015Shivanasamudra Road Trip0016Shivanasamudra Road Trip0017Shivanasamudra Road Trip0018Shivanasamudra Road Trip0019

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