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Travel photographs from the ancient Persian empire of Shiraz in South Iran.
Impressive interiors of the Nasir-Al Mosque, Shiraz, IranColourful window and its colourful reflection at Nasir-Al Mosque, Shiraz, IranGorgeous colors inside the Pink Mosque, Shiraz, IranA Nasir-Al Mosque Moment from ShirazPortrait from Nasir-Al Mosque (Pink Mosque), Shiraz, IranArtist at work - Narangestan Qavam, ShirazBeautiful Bagh e-Narenjestan, Shiraz, IranA street moment from the carpet bazaars of Shiraz, IranGorgeous sunset from mountainous Shiraz, IranJame e-Atigh Mosque and its reflection at Shiraz, IranInside the mosques of Shiraz - a great piece of artFlorals and rich dash of colours on the tile walls of the mosques of Shiraz, Iran

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