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Aug 18, 2007 Ramya, Ravi and Sankara set out for some shopping after a sumptuous south Indian lunch at Ramya's place. We goto Northbend shopping mall, which is about an hours' drive from Bellevue. After finishing all our shopping, we wind our day (or rather I thought so) by going to the picturesque and green town of snoqualmie to go see Snoqualmie water falls that falls from a height of 270 feet. Didn't stay here for a long while and do justice to the many hiking trails that take you to the foot of the waterfalls as Ramya kept pestering us :-) to go do some more shopping (BTW, Ramya enters "SUPER" mode on hearing the word "SHOPPING"). Well, we did spend some time at the observation deck and saw the waterfalls thundering down and were spectators to Ravi's antics and photography sessions. Then, we were off for some more shopping!
Ramya VenkateshwaranDSC02312DSC02294Ravi and his antics - 1Ravi and his antics - 3Ravi and Ramya at SnoqualmieSankara @ Snoqualmiesnoqualmie falls in aug '07Snoqualmie Falls

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