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Travel Photographs from Tana Toraja in South Central Sulawesi island of Indonesia.
At a funeral ceremony at Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, IndonesiaPaintings on a Tana Toraja Funeral HouseSlaughter of one of the many male buffaloes at a Tana Toraja Funeral CeremonyFamily members at a Tana Toraja Funeral CeremonyPosing with buffalo bulls at a Tana Toraja Funeral CelebrationFuneral Scene at a Tana Toraja HouseA Tana Toraja Funeral Celebration begins at homeHead gear of Torajan Funeral DancersTorajans participate in the funeral ceremony of a fellow TorajanTorajan men in a funeral ceremonyTorajan women during a funeral celebrationA Torajan funeral ceremony brings traffic to a standstill in Tana TorajaDead person being carried to funeral house in proper Torajan traditionPeople of Tana Toraja in traditional funeral attireA Tana Torajan Funeral CourtyardTana Toraja Funeral ceremony is quite a sightGathering at a Tana Toraja FuneralCoffin being carried into the funeral house at Tana TorajaBull fight at a Tana Toraja funeral ceremonyAt the pig market of Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia

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