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Travel photographs from Trongsa in Central Bhutan.
Rice Fields of Central BhutanSmiling Bhutanese Kid from a shop window in TrongsaLocal Bhutanese Man with a colorful prayer wheel at TrongsaLocal Trongsa Man with a colorful prayer wheelWomen outside a shop in Trongsa, BhutanFamous Bhutanese Chillies at Trongsa, BhutanOld Bhutanese man in prayer at Trongsa, BhutanThe large Trongsa Dzong of BhutanBuddhist Monk at Trongsa Dzong, BhutanBuddhist monk soaking in the morning sun at Trongsa Dzong, BhutanBuddhist Monk cleaning the brass lamps at Trongsa DzongT Dzong as seen from Trongsa DzongBuddhist Woman prays at a temple in Trongsa Dzong, BhutanBhutanese Women in conversation in front of prayer wheels inside Trongsa Dzong, BhutanBhutanese Local Man walks down the streets of Trongsa, BhutanThe fiery and spicy hot Bhutanese Red ChilliesAn Elderly Bhutanese Woman walks in Trongsa, BhutanThe wrinkles of an elderly Bhutanese WomanOld man carrying wooden logs at Trongsa, BhutanTrongsa Dzong and the Trongsa Landscape

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