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Travel photographs from a monsoon holiday to Unchalli Falls in the Uttara Kannada region of Karnataka.
Road to Unchalli Falls, KarnatakaRoad to Unchalli Falls - A Monsoon MomentLush greenery enroute Unchalli Falls, KarnatakaThe monsoon view of Unchalli FallsThe steep trail that leads to the Unchalli Falls view pointUnchalli Falls view point hutThe thundering and mist covered Unchalli Falls during the monsoonsThe steps that lead to the Unchalli Falls view pointsUnchalli Falls - a sight to behold during the monsoonsEnjoying the mist covered view of Unchalli Falls, KarnatakaEnjoying the steep climb to the parking lot after seeing the gorgeous Unchalli FallsTrail leading to Unchalli Falls, KarnatakaLush countryside - enroute Unchalli Falls, Uttara Kannada, KarnatakaPItstop enroute to Unchalli FallsA monsoon road way from Uttara Kannada region of KarnatakaFresly sown paddy enroute to Unchalli Falls, KarnatakaRustic environment enroute to Unchalli Falls

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