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Travel photographs from the desert city of Yazd in Iran.
Beautiful Masjid e-Jame of Yazd, IranIranian Women finishing their prayers at Masjid e-Jame, Yazd, IranBeautiful work on the walls of the Jame Mosque, Yazd, IranMuslim ladies walking through the narrow alleys of Yazd old townThe famous wind towers of Yazd, IranBeautiful Yazd architectureYazd Coppersmith artisan at workA yazd rooftop viewAmir Chakhmakh Complex, Yazd, IranThe minarets of one of Yazd's beautiful looking mosquesThe top of Yazd's MosquesAtashkadeh - the Zoroastrian Fire Temple at Yazd, IranThe famous sugary desserts of Yazd, Iran

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